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The Small Folk ClubStaying afloat & active amidst a global pandemic

We are delighted to have Reese Fulmer, from Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY,  Jared Libby, from The Parlor Room in Northampton, MA and Kathy Sands-Boehmer, from me&thee coffeehouse  in Marblehead, MA, join us for a lively and interactive discussion. This event is free, broadcasting live on facebook and youtube.

Panel Description:
As we enter into an age where live music and touring are at a standstill, independent venues everywhere are at risk of shutting their doors permanently. As prime examples of small folk clubs in the region, join our panellists as they discuss the immediate future without live shows. The panellists will offer tips and strategies for continued artist and audience engagement, online relationship building, live-streams, and more.

Join the facebook event –> https://fb.me/e/CeCHMm4W.

About the panelists:
Reese Fulmer – 
First and foremost Reese is a music lover, and in his role at Caffe Lena he’s able to channel that passion into supporting how it gets made and helping musicians reach people with their work. His main focus is creating community, whether that’s in-house, on the road through one of their outreach programs, or online. Since March, that has meant steering the Caffe Lena live stream strategy and building its virtual presence across a diverse range of platforms. He created and maintains the Youtube, Vimeo, and Patreon channels, and manages the archives and the delivery of video content to artists and the public.

Jared Libby has been a freelance live sound and recording engineer for 20 years and has been lead engineer & house manager at The Parlor Room in Northampton, MA, a performance venue at the record label offices of Signature Sounds, since 2014. Jared has toured the country as engineer for the Julian Lage Trio and Rachael & Vilray, working in spots such as Lincoln Center along the way. He also runs stages at the Green River Festival, Freshgrass, and Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, and is a performing musician in the band Appalachian Still. In 2020, Jared has managed the livestreaming efforts of Signature Sounds.

Kathy Sands-Boehmer is the booking and publicity manager of the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA.  The me&thee is one of the continuously running all-volunteer nonprofit coffeehouses in the country and has been presenting fine acoustic music since 1970. Kathy also writes a music blog called Everything Sundry. Kathy has served on the NERFA board and is still serving on the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association board.

Proudly presented by NERFA. 
NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) is the Northeast regional affiliate of Folk Alliance Int., a nonprofit organization that seeks to nurture, engage and empower the folk music community. NERFA has spent the past twenty-five years as a once-a-year resource for over 1,500 artists, presenters, DJ’s, and music industry professionals. In response to COVID, we are developing year round services for our community focused on the goal of building a successful career in music under the banner of #NERFA365. Visit us online @nerfa on facebook and @NERFAlliance on instagram and  twitter

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