How to Produce an Online Show


Join #NERFA365 for an interactive, LIVE panel discussion,
Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 at 8pm EST
with Jaimee Harris, Daniel Faga, Kellie Lin Knott!
How to Produce an Online Show 
**Free and open to the public, all are welcome.
We will be streaming live on #facebooklive , #youtube and via our homepage. ⁠

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Livestreaming brought performance technique into a powerful new light in 2020. Starting with the light, and the camera, and the action. Our panel of livestream producers and performers will share and discuss what they’ve learned in the past year as the entire playing field shifted from the festival site to your living room. We will discuss platforms (StageIt, Twitch, Mandolin, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, StreamYard, Zoom), gear (mics, cameras, lighting), room settings and staging, marketing your appearance, the frequency of going live, multi-media live and taped, fostering an interactive new online audience, chat and questions for engagement and community building, special guests, collaborations, partnering with venues and radio stations, and monetizing the appearance for you and your partners.


Jaimee Harris: On the heels of acclaimed debut Red Rescue, Jaimee Harris doesn’t disappoint with The Congress House Sessions, an intimate EP with stripped-down arrangements of selected songs.  Recorded at the Congress House Studio by Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani DiFranco) and Andre Moran (Sarah Borges, Rickie Lee Jones) and featuring Jane Ellen Bryant and Kris Nelson on backing vocals, Ray Bonneville on harmonica, Brian Patterson on electric guitar, and Sammy Powell on piano, this is no large, speaker-rattling production.  Longtime friends add color, but what you’ll hear is Harris and her guitar, delivering performances close to what the songs were when conceived alone with her guitar. Harris demonstrates that her talent and command of her craft is undeniable, accompanied, or not. Whether there’s a rhythm section thumping behind her, or whether she’s alone with her Gibson “Gillie” on an empty stage, all eyes and ears are locked on Jaimee Harris.


Daniel Faga is the Technical Director of Sellersville Theater, a concert venue outside of Philadelphia that put on north of 300 events per year in The Before Times.  In April he began producing, engineering and hosting Soundbooth Sessions, a livestream series on the Theater’s Facebook page which features a concert and conversation with a different artist each week.  He is a graduate of Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Music in Music Technology.



 Minneapolis based Singer-songwriter, Kellie Lin Knott, studied music and business in Boston and has worked in marketing, booking, arts administration and streaming tech. When the pandemic hit, Kellie helped several artist friends quickly create strategies to go LIVE. What started as a very part time offering quickly grew into a full-time business. Since March 2020, Kellie has experimented with many streaming platforms, sound set ups and creative solutions for entertaining an audience online and now runs a one woman business offering streaming solutions for independent artists, as well as tech support and coaching for those wanting to learn how to create and monetize their own livestreams. Kellie continues to write and play music as a solo artist and as a for-hire vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter. She is currently writing songs for her next solo project.

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