Monetizing the Internet


Join #NERFA365 for an interactive, LIVE panel discussion,
**Free and open to the public, all are welcome.
The world for music professionals has eternally been changing, perhaps never as dramatically as it has in the past year. As we enter into the second year of living in a pandemic we want to focus on the tools and systems that are available as lifelines to build a following and to make money in your vocations. We have three panelists who have been pioneering in different spaces online coming to offer you their perspectives, lessons learned, and advice for building opportunities online. We will be discussing tools for online ticketed events, a review of ways to make Spotify work for you, and a discussion on successfully launching a Patreon system.


Dylan Shinholser is a Richmond, VA-based live event expert who specializes in helping businesses, brands, entertainers, and so many more produce and monetize in person OR virtual experiences. Representing Viewstub, an online tool for creating and streamlining online events, Dylan has worked with Bands, Conferences, even Superbowl Parties to craft experiences that justify their cost.



Rebecca Loebe is a touring singer/songwriter who enjoys climbing trees, flying kites, exploring new places, sleeping in her own bed, writing songs that help people process their emotions, thrift store shopping, eating sushi, catching up with friends, and playing with her puppy. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently based in Austin, Texas. Having just published her first book, “Launch Planning for Patreon”, Rebecca has successfully created a means of establishing a salary for her art and is looking forward to sharing her journey.


Chris Robley is a singer-songwriter and award-winning poet who’s made his home in the mill town of Lewiston, Maine. He’s on the marketing team at CD Baby, and for more than a decade has edited the DIY Musician Blog and been the co-host of the DIY Musician Podcast, both industry-leading resources for independent musicians looking for actionable career advice. Robley serves as Senior Content Marketing Manager for CD Baby and associated brands such as Show.co and HearNow.


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