How do you maintain sanity in chaos? Keep your head above water in stormy seas? Feel hopeful when there is no roadmap helping you through this new landscape?

Join us June 3 @ 8:00PM ET as our panel discusses WTF do we do as we transition out of a COVID-defined world.  Rod Abernethy will share his experience moderating a year-long peer session.  We are delighted to have 🇨🇦  Luther Mallory 🇨🇦  to share his personal revelations and work with artists as they were forced to navigate during the pandemic.  With a rich background in the arts and a long-standing association with the music world,Taryn Longo brings a professional Mental Health perspective to the discussion as an active organizer in her local community to bring a trauma lens to community building.

This panel was requested by those of us having a mental breakdown during the last year.

If you are unable to access the event media – please use this link and enter your access code: https://viewstub.com/watch/wtfdwdn


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