Contracts Post-COVID

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COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on our lives and livelihoods over the past year and a half.  Some of us are able to start slowly venturing forth again but are finding that the landscape has changed.  Contracts between artists, venues, and music professionals, and the vendors we all use have been affected.

What is a digital radius clause and how can it be discussed in a way that is respectful to venue and performer? What is a “Force Majeure” clause and how does it affect you should there be another outbreak?  Can you insure against an outbreak?

Join our expert panel featuring Sala Vale from Fleming Artists, Christianna LaBuz from StarVista LIVE (previously of City Winery), and Mark Watson from Watson Entertainment Group to discuss some of the changes they are seeing and items for the community to be aware of.

If You Can’t Access the Show – Click Here!
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