The Value of Music Videos


We live in a world that consumes visual content voraciously. From YouTube to TikTok to Instagram, Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime, content that combines audio and visual components well is a powerful way for artists to connect with audiences and showcase their creativity in a whole new light.

Music videos provide a fresh manner of expression and interpretation for your songs and help you connect your music to fans and industry contacts in a wholly different and unique way. They’re an excellent tool to have in your marketing and promotional toolbox (not to mention they can be a LOT of fun to make!). With that in mind, we’re bringing you a few creative forces who will show you just how much of an impact having a well-crafted music video can be to boost your connection with fans and increasing your chances of exposure to new ones, while also impressing industry decision-makers. Join Heather Lloyd (ILYAIMY), Benjamin Lieber (Marigold), Matheus Bastos, and Courtney Swain as we explore the value of a music video, discuss elements to consider when making a video that really stands out, and cover ways to DIY it or hire a team to help bring your vision to life.

Let us help make streaming and music videos an engaging and profitable part of your portfolio

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