NERFA 2021 Conference is Live!


NERFA is pleased to announce the 27th Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference will take place virtually over the weekend of Nov 11-14, 2021, streaming worldwide for all to attend. This Fall, we are excited to combine long-standing NERFA traditions — such as the folk DJ Showcase, Exhibit Hall, Official and Guerrilla Showcases, and more — along with brand-new programming. All are designed to offer a dynamic, interactive and engaging online-conference experience. Registration opened today, July 26, along with applications for Guerilla Showcases and Scholarships. Please visit nerfa2021.com to purchase and get more information on registration ticketing options, Guerilla Showcases and more. 


Registration for the 2021 conference occurs automatically with the purchase of a digital ticket. NERFA has reduced the cost to apply for a Showcase with the creation of the General Admission Ticket, which includes one Showcase application plus one conference registration for just $30. New this year: in order to apply to Showcase, you must first be registered. Links to Showcase applications will be emailed with the purchase of a General Admission, Digital Deluxe, IRL Conference Experience, or VIP registration ticket. Purchase and review registration ticket options via our website

Scholarship applications are open, and we encourage community members to apply via our website here



There is no fee to apply for a NERFA Showcase with the purchase of a General Admission ticket ($30) or above. Upon purchase of your registration, you will be emailed a link to apply for a Showcase. Please watch your inbox and check your spam folder. All Showcase applications will be reviewed by our jury. Purchase your registration ticket here.

Ticketing options: All tickets are available for purchase via the conference website: nerfa2021.com


Music Ticket: $20 

Showcase Access ONLY (includes all formal NERFA Showcases plus DJ Showcase, BIPOC, Open Mic, Guerilla and Gospel Brunch).This is a way for all community music lovers to enjoy the curated online Showcases.


General Admission Ticket: $30

Includes the ability to apply for a NERFA Showcase or to participate in any Guerilla Showcase (including DJ, BIPOC, etc). Access to all official NERFA Showcases, Panels, Guerilla Showcases, Exhibitor Hall, Keynotes, Wisdom of the Elders, Gospel Brunch and Community Meeting PLUS a Virtual Program Book (pdf), Digital Badge(s), and Virtual Swag.


Deluxe Digital Ticket: $45.00

Includes GA ticket +  ’chance’  to win Exhibit Hall Raffles, Exclusive access to mentorship documentation, NERFA-branded digital background, NERFA-branded Virtual Badge(s).


IRL Conference Experience Ticket: $250.00

Includes Deluxe Digital Ticket + Physical Program Book, a special treat, Badge, and NERFA Swag. This ticket offers as close to the ‘real life” conference experience as we can in the virtual world –, from badges to NERFA sweet treats.  Quantities are limited. Please purchase by Oct 31, 2021. 


VIP Ticket: $500.00

This is the ultimate package for our NERFA community to experience every aspect of NERFA.  ​​​​​​​Our VIP ticket holders get 4 exclusive question and answer sessions! One with each of the three keynote speakers and one with the NERFA executive director and staff for an exclusive back and forth opportunity to discuss the future of the organization and in the accessibility of folk music. Quantities are limited. Please purchase by Oct 31, 2021. ​​​​​​​

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