Partnership, Parenthood & Caretaking as an Artist

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Welcome back from summer break! We’re diving right back in with a panel of three fellow music-makers offering up insights and sharing practical tools to navigate the pinnacles and pitfalls of partnership, parenting, and caretaking while performing.

Join America’s Got Talent alum, new father and partner, Dan Whitener; music making momma Molly Venter of Red Molly and Goodnight Moonshine (with her husband Eben Pariser); and touring mother of teens, Meghan Cary with her musical & life partner, Peter Farrell, as they discuss their experiences balancing life and career.

None of us is creating in a vacuum. We all juggle life and art, even if it’s as elemental as taking time from our music to eat, sleep, and exercise. For most of us, it’s more than that. We’re putting in hours at a day job while touring our new release; balancing booking and promo with writing and performing; or weaving a rehearsal schedule into a teaching or coaching schedule. Many, like our panelists, are doing all of this while nurturing a relationship and raising kids.

Whether you’re making music as a full-time gig, a side-line hustle, or simply to feed your soul (or all three!), there is insight to be gained from these artists who are successfully juggling full lives and rewarding careers.

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