“Silver Linings” – Lisa Schwartz


Lisa Schwartz’s keynote address at the NERFA 2021 Conference delivered an inspirational message of affirmation and appreciation to members of the music community. Speaking on the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Schwartz recounted the almost universal experience of fear, worry, and struggle that swept through the folk world as the ability to enjoy music with one’s peers seemingly disappeared overnight. However, the community endured, and through great effort, those connections were able to made again virtually. Schwartz, not losing sight of the big picture, reminded attendees of the silver linings that came out of such a tumultuous time. Hear what she has to say in the video below!



Lisa Schwartz is Senior Event Producer with Midwood Entertainment, specializing in program design and curation for festivals and major events in the United States, including the legendary Philadelphia Folk Festival. With a great love for nonprofit service and leadership, Lisa has served on the board of Folk Alliance International, and is the immediate past President.  She proudly participated as a coach in both Global Music Match programs, and continues to use her strategic marketing and branding skills to consult with artists around the globe to position them for career growth.

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