Bettman & Halpin play a showcase at NERFA 2017. Photo by Jake Jacobson.


Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Artists and Folk DJs attending the conference are invited to participate in the Folk DJ Showcase. DJs nominate one artist to present at the showcase, which occurs on the first night (Thursday) of the conference. The Folk DJ showcase is intended to present artists who are relatively new to the folk scene. Chosen artists will get a 10 minute showcase slot. DJ Showcase interest forms are now closed for 2019. Thank you to our Folk DJ Showcase coordinators and hosts, Jess Phaneuf and Joe Pszonek.

• Artists must be relatively “new” to the folk scene
• Artists who have played the DJ showcase in a prior year are ineligible
• Artists may not perform in the Folk DJ Showcase if they are performing in the official showcases (Formal or Semi-formal) the same year. Artists are also ineligible if they have ever performed in a main Formal Showcase or if they have performed in more than two NERFA Quad/Tricentric/Semi-formal Showcases in the past.
Each artist/group will perform 2-3 songs. Time per artist/group will be 10-minutes with a 2-minute set-up time for a total of 12 minutes. Taking longer than 2-minutes to set-up will be deducted from the performance time.
The Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcase is named in honor of the former folk music coordinator and host of “Roots” on Tuesday mornings on WVUD 91.3 FM, ”the voice of the University of Delaware”.

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