Joy Ike plays a Guerrilla Showcase. Photo by Neale Eckstein


Please keep an eye on this page in early 2020 for updates. Guerrilla Showcases are presented by conference attendees in hotel rooms on a designated floor of the hotel. They start at 10:30 p.m. following the Folk DJ Showcase on Thursday night and 11:45 p.m. following the Semi-formal Showcases on Friday and Saturday nights, typically running until 3 a.m. We also have Friday and Saturday afternoon showcases from 2 – 5 p.m. Hosts put together a lineup of artists they would like to present for the evening, typically assigning 10-20 minute slots, for one artist or several artists “in the round”, the format is up to the host. Guerrilla Showcases are acoustic ONLY.  No amplification devices are permitted. Exemptions to this rule for instruments such as electronic keyboards must be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Anyone registered for the conference may host a Guerrilla Showcase. If you would like to host, please fill out the Guerrilla host application on this page. A $25 fee per showcase takes care of the publishing of your schedule on the website and in the conference program book and app. You will be assigned a room on the guerrilla floor – standard hotel room rates apply. Some hosts choose to sleep in their showcase rooms, but some pay for a separate hotel room for sleeping in addition to paying for their showcase room. You may play in your own showcase room, but you may not take a room and showcase yourself all night. Setting up your showcase space within your hotel room and returning it to its original configuration is the host’s responsibility. 


Anyone registered for the conference may play a Guerrilla Showcase. We recommend that all artists aim to book Guerrilla Showcases. When booking time slots, please take into account travel time from one room to the next and don’t overbook yourself. Everyone aims to have showcases run on time and the experience will serve you better if you are relaxed, not running around. If you are attending NERFA for the first time, we have a showcase room specifically dedicated to first timers. This room will be listed along with the others and you may book by contacting the host.

Questions? Contact our Guerrilla Showcase Coordinator, Jess Razzi.

2019 Guerrilla Showcase Listing Room Numbers

Showcase Name Assigned Room
Access Film Music BLUE 2105
Access Film Music RED 2103 2031 Midnight Hoot 2031
Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: The Big Orange Tarp Fiske
All Music Starts Local 2077
Anything But Guitars 2052
Around Robin 2035
Baker Bookings/Isis Music Hall 2028
Covering your Friends 2104
Crab Donkey 2052
Andy’s SoWeBo Music Series Baltimore 2126
Cantina Navarro Atrium
Cup of Joe #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 2065
Decent Exposure 2052
Duos & Pairs 2052
Folk Music Notebook 2056
Folk ‘N Great Music Fiske
Folk N- Zen Den 2073
Fool’s Hill Music 2072
New Faces at NERFA Presented by: NERFA 2084
Gathering Time and Space 2035
Godfrey Daniels 2096
Lilfest 2068
Local 1000 Showcase-Free Zone Twain
Mad About Trad with The Royal Yard 2035
Mavens Music 2118
More LilFest 2069
Music for the New Revolution 2043
Music for the New Revolution 2058
Musical Chairs 2039
New and Unrecorded 2052
New Faces & New Songs 2097
One Up, One Down, One Cover 2092
Philadelphia Music Co-op 2121
Pie & Whiskey 2064
Radio Nowhere Presents: 2100
Ripton Community Coffeehouse 2058
Rhode Trip 2043
Skylands Songwriters Guild in The Flamingo Room 2063
Somerville Songwriter Sessions 2043
The Submerging Artists Showcase 2088
The Song Box 2090
Trespass Music in The Flamingo Room 2063
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