On-Site NERFA Mentor Sign-Up

  • When you select one of the following slots, you and the person you select will be emailed and you will have each other's contact information (phone, email and name). It will be your responsibility to contact one another.

  • Sam Edelston is a leading performer on mountain dulcimer, and has played hammered dulcimer for over 25 years. See www.SamTheMusicMan.com for full details.
    "Mountain Dulcimer. Any level.
    Hammered Dulcimer. Any level.

  • musician, agent, manager, presenter, sound engineer. Internet pioneer, computer expert, song doctor.

    Live streaming, internet identity, niche marketing, booking strategies, monetization, career direction.

  • I am co-founder, artist manager and digital strategist at Subculture Music. I work with artists of all genres and levels, emerging to major label.

    Artist Management Digital Strategy/Social Media Branding

  • Peter Lehndorff is a graphic designer working on all types of marketing graphics for the music business and healthcare. And lots of other stuff.

    Graphic Design. CD packaging, logos, posters. Hiring a designer. Working with a designer. Working with photographers and writers. My main areas of expertise are printed physical stuff and making it all match. I'd be happy to look over anything and offer my opinions. We can also talk about your website but that really isn't my area.

    • Website Design
    • Video Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Crisis Communications
    • Independent Musician (who has released an album in the last few months)
    • Self-branded and lots of experience to share!
    • On the board of the Canadian Folk Music Awards

  • Wearing multiple hats in the folk community, Anne is best known as the Artistic and Publicity Director of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

    1. Adding family performance to your repertoire or event
    2. The value of song contests and showcases
    3. Do's & Don'ts for artists contacting venues for the first time
    4. OMG I have lost my mind and wanna start a festival!

  • Performer, award winning songwriter, author with degrees in vocal performance and writing, certificates in website design, and digital arts.

    Songwriting, especially songs of purpose
    Using Contests for exposure
    Beyond the CD - books, pamphlets, usb
    Vocals - improving pitch, dealing with vocal stress

  • The founder of EFS Publicity and host of KFAI's Womenfolk, Ellen is a veteran publicist, promoter and DJ. She performs under the name Mother Banjo.

    Publicity, radio promotions, artist development, crowd funding, nonprofit management, grant writing, event promotion.

  • Getting your music played on the radio

  • Kathy Sands-Boehmer is the booking manager and publicist of the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA and is passionate about promoting music.

    • "How to approach venues about gigs.
    • Tips about how to network in your local scene
    • Advice about what grabs the attention of a booking manager

  • Sarah Craig has been the Executive Director of Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY since 1995. She books 400+ shows annually & manages the non-profit.

    I'm especially interested in working with fellow presenters and can discuss:

    • Developing an audience that is open to hearing new artists
    • Negotiating performer contracts from a venue's perspective
    • Developing an effective Board of Directors
    • Any and all challenges regarding presenting concerts or maintaining a venue
    • Fundraising and capital campaigns

    I'm happy to offer a presenter's perspective to artists, especially those just starting out or shifting gears, but I don't view this as a conversation about booking a date at Caffe Lena

  • Mike Ryan is a multi-award-winning songwriter and a seasoned musician who performs at music venues, house concerts, and folk festivals nationwide.

    Songwriting, Live Performance

    • Radio Promotion
    • Artist Management and Direction
    • Project Management and record release strategy

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