Scholarships and Discounts

Donate to the louis J. Meyers Scholarship fund

The Louis J. Meyers Scholarship fund provides financial support and opportunities for musicians to attend NERFA and advance their network and career. Please consider donating to support these ongoing efforts. 

Canadian Discount

Canadians living in Canada receive a 10% discount. The discount will automatically by applied to the registration cost at checkout. 

Folk DJ/Presenter Discounts

Applications closed for 2019, please check back once 2020 registration is up.  Presenters and Folk DJs may be eligible to receive discounts on registration. Less the cost of included meals, first timers receive a 50% discount (For $225 registration rate: $57.50) and returning attendees receive a 25% discount (For $225 registration rate: $28.75). If you are a Folk DJ or presenter, you must fill out the following form and wait for approval. Upon approval you will receive a discount code. Discount codes must be applied at the time of registration, they will not be applied retroactively.

Louis J. Meyers Artist Scholarships

  • Must be a first time attendee
  • Scholarship amounts can range from 50-100% conference registration discount (does not include travel or hotel)
  • Members of a group must apply individually
  • Scholarships are awarded on a first-come basis
  • Scholarships awarded are based on the availability of funds
  • Artist scholarship applications close on August 21, 2019
  • Artists will be notified on August 28, 2019 of their application status*

*Applicants will either receive a code for a scholarship or (if not approved for a scholarhip this year) they will receive a code to revert their registration cost back to the “early bird” rate of $225/$285 non-members, as we are aware that scholarship notification will occur after the rise in registration rates.

Only one discount type can be applied per registration (i.e. you cannot receive the Canadian discount AND a presenter discount).
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