November 8 | 10:30-12:00 | Conference Schedule | Workshop Schedule
Building Online Buzz & Growing Your Audience In The Digital Marketplace
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Ethan Allen

Creativity. Timing. Soul. That’s what you should put not only into your music, but also into your marketing efforts.
In this talk, CD Baby’s Chris Robley will talk about creative methods for building engaged audiences in the digital age, how to employ time-tested marketing strategies in fresh ways, and how to do it all with a smile.

Points include:

  • What is a marketing funnel?
  • The psychology of a fan, and the psychology of the marketer/musician
  • The step-by-step journey from casual listener to devoted customer
  • Some options for top-of-funnel outreach to cold audiences
  • Creative ways to deepen fan connection online
  • Audience segmentation tips
  • The ASK: “Buy my vinyl,” “Book me for your house concert series,” etc.
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Chris Robley (Moderator)