November 9 | 12:15-13:45 | Conference Schedule | Workshop Schedule
Ride The Wave: Radio, Podcasts, Satellite, Terrestrial & New Media Platforms
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Meet some of the leading radio programmers in the folk and global roots music community. They represent the traditional and modern broadcast opportunities available today. From terrestrial radio stations like WFDU, to subscription services like Stingray, Internet stations and podcasts, syndicated radio programs like Folk Alley, listener-supported stations like WMVY, capturing video of your studio performance, linking your story to the station’s website and social media platforms like The Key, the opportunities available today to reach music fans and be seen and heard are better than ever. How do you harness all these platforms, how can you share your appearances online, and is there a way to monetize all of these disparate mediums?

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John Platt (Moderator)