November 8 | 10:30-12:00 | Conference Schedule | Workshop Schedule
Vance Gilbert's Famous Performance Critique
Session Location
State Ballroom

Vance Gilbert’s Collision Course workshop offers you the opportunity to take an interactive and fun look at your performance skills and your songwriting in an open mic stage setting. Vance’s revolutionary approach combines the elements of crafting a song with live performance – elements that are inseparably intertwined for the performing songwriter. All aspects of the process from adjusting the microphone, stage banter, eye contact, song arrangement, lyric tweaks, and approach to the instrument will be reviewed, gently critiqued, and adjusted in real time by Vance in the supportive stage setting of other singer-songwriters, one of whom will be next to take the stage. It doesn’t matter your level – Vance has worked with everyone from rote beginners to David Wilcox.

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Vance Gilbert (Moderator)