Dianne Tankle

Dianne Tankle, along with her husband Bob Cohen (Doctor Bob), are both FAI founders and NERFA founders, served on the original steering committee which put the organization together and were instrumental in organizing the first FAI conference in Philadelphia. Dianne has been extremely active in the Philadelphia Folksong Society. She booked their monthly concert series for over 20 years, organized The Spring Thing (a musical get-a-way weekend over Memorial Day) for 35 years and was editor of the Philadelphia Folk Festival program book for 15 yrs. She served on the PFS BOD for 25 years where she was both secretary and treasurer for most of those years. Dianne was co-creator of “Swords into Plowshare,” a concert series seriously dedicated to presenting political and other topical folk music. In addition, she was the administrative coordinator for Peoples Music Network and worked with Toshi Seeger for 20 years on Clearwater’s Hudson River Revival.

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