Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul doesn’t just write songs…..he’s a reporter armed with an acoustic guitar covering the human condition and documenting the hopes, dreams, loves, losses and innermost secrets of those he observes. He turns their stories into luminous and thrilling pieces of music that get under your skin and into your bloodstream. Paul’s 20th release – in a career spanning 30 years – is 2019’s The Storyteller’s Suitcase. It represents a sonic triumph for Paul in his first solo run as a producer. Relying on a small coterie of musicians who sprinkle the songs with tasteful additions of Hammond B3, 12-string electrics, harp, mandolin and fiddles, Paul layers the instruments around the core foundation of his acoustic guitar and voice in a way that opens the songs up to their fullest potential without overwhelming their thoughtful arrangements. Much like the artists who have influenced him, everyone from Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and undoubtedly his greatest inspiration, Woody Guthrie, Paul weaves deeply personal experiences with social issues and renders them as provocative works that are as timely as they are timeless.

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