Erica Mantone

It’s unclear whether music seems to find her or each new and ever resilient chapter in her life finds music as a central figure. Nonetheless, Erica Mantone believes that music is omnipresent and an essential life-line in her growing web. Erica began studying voice at the age of 12 and obtained her BA in Music in 2003. She has performed as a soloist for classical, opera, musical theatre, jazz, blues and rock. She has also worked in various Choral groups, collaborative projects and as a session and backing vocalist. Erica worked as a booking and promotions manager for local music scenes in Boston, Providence and San Diego. She has continued that role in Boston producing several shows for the Boston Rock Opera and most recently, the Executive Producer for Bust Out Boston-a celebration of Womxn in the Boston music scene, which has allowed her to combine her other passion of promoting diversity and community.. Erica is excited to have been nominated for the 2019 Boston Music Awards for “Session Musician of the Year.” She is also happy and proud to begin to find her own voice as a singer-songwriter and plans to release an EP in 2020 under the production of Henley Row Studios.. Every day she is grateful for this jigsaw puzzle of a life and that music is the centerpiece. And posthumously Frodo and currently Patrick Russell Barry Craig the Feminist Cat. The most amazing cats that ever lived.

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