NERFA 2022 Thank Yous!

Thank You to Everyone Who Contributed to the NERFA 2022 Conference!

NERFA Volunteers

Trish Brangs, Janice Brill, John T. Casey, Lois DeRitter, Bernie Drury, Andrew Dunn, Steafan Hannigan, Dennis Howard, A.J. Kiernan, Mary Lutz, Suzanne Marshall, Dennis McDonough, Sarah Murdoch, Dennis O’Brien, Jill O’Brien, Bob Safranek, Gary Schoenberger, Peter Shafran, Kirk M. Siee, Saskia Tomkins, and Sara Williams


Formal Showcase Judges: Ron Olesko, Tamara Kater, Dallis Allen, Jeff Raspe, Lynette Wiley

Formal Virtual Showcase Judges: Ron Olesko, Jeff Raspe, Tamara Kater

Formal Showcase Emcees: Justin Nordell, Marilyn Bea Meyer, Cheryl Kagan, Sarah Porter & Matt Ramer

Formal Showcase Production: Bob Safranek, Kirk Siee, Peter Shafran, Andrew Dunn, Bernie Drury

NERFA Private Showcase Room Hosts: Scott Wolfson, Andrew Dunn, Dan & Jeremy Gottfried

Open Mic Hosts: Rob Hinkle (Johnny & June Room), Ryan Fitzsimmons (Bang Bang)

Committees & Coordinators

Programming Committee: Sarah Porter, Biff Kennedy, Meghan Cary, Christian Domecq, Heather Aubrey Lloyd, Dan Gottfried

Infrastructure Committee: Dan Gottfried, Pam Robinson, A.J. Kieran

Communications Committee: Barbara Shiller, Molly Lewis

Site Selection Committee: Barbara Shiller, Pam Robinson, Justin Nordell, Coco Wilde 

Volunteer Coordinators: Pam Robinson, Rachel Mare Schachter

Private Showcase Coordinators: Dan Budne, Pam Robinson

Teams, Directors, Consultants & More

Virtual Production Team: Kellie Lin Knott, Matthew Clowney

On-site Social Media Team: Molly Lewis, Sarah Murdoch, Saskia Tomkins

Technical Director: Aidan Lewis; Tribal Mischief

Conference Website and Graphics: Scott Wolfson

B&H Consultant: Christian Domecq

Videographers: Steafan Hannigan, Christian Domecq, Aidan Lewis

Audio Production: Mountain Top Productions: Terry Mutchler, Peter Nabut, and J.T. Moyer

Shuttle Bus Drivers:  Kathy & Patty!

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank You To Our Partners