Conference registration is open!

25th Annual NERFA Conference, November 7-10, 2019 in Stamford, CT

The 2019 Formal and Semi-formal Showcase Artists Have Been Announced!

We look forward to presenting the following artists on Friday and Saturday night at this year’s conference:

Formal Showcase Artists

Alastair Moock

Alisa Amador

Annie Sumi

Corey Laitman Trio

Damn Tall Buildings

Les Royal Pickles

Matt Nakoa Trio

Megan Burtt

Meghan Cary

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem

Roger Street Friedman

Sophie Buskin

The New Students



Diana Alvarez

Susan Cattaneo

Kipyn Martin

Semi-formal Artists

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints

Blue Plate Special

Cricket Blue

David Newland with Siqniup Qilauta / Sunsdrum

Diana Jones

James Maddock


Jeffrey Martin

Jeremy Aaron

Kala Farnham

Kalyna Rakel

Katherine Rondeau

Katie Dahl

Ken Tizzard

Kora Feder

Lily Henley

Lynne Hanson & The Good Intentions

Mara Levine

Marc Berger

Marion Halliday

Martin Swinger

Matt Harlan


Ordinary Elephant

Peter Mulvey

Piper & Carson

Rupert Wates

The Bombadils

Tragedy Ann


The Levins

Eliza Edens

Lauren Pratt

Thank you to our judges for their dedication to the success of NERFA’s 25th annual conference:

Sarah Craig, Caffe Lena

Dan Gottfried, Voices in the Heights

Joe Mercadante, Steeple Coffeehouse

Ron Olesko, Folk Music Notebook

Jess Razzi, Razzi Entertainment

Kimberly Sinclair, SpinCount

Matt Smith, Passim

2019 NERFA Official Showcase Spotify Playlist

Perform in a Guerrilla Showcase at NERFA 2019

Is this your first time attending NERFA?

Check out Peter Lehndorff’s up close account of his first conference.

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