2023 Private Showcase Hosts

The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) is thrilled to unveil this year’s impressive array of private showcase rooms, offering an incredible platform for artists and attendees alike. These carefully curated showcases, hosted by talented musicians and music enthusiasts, provide over 500 performance opportunities, enriching the experience for all participants at the NERFA conference.

Folk Music Notebook (Room 218) :
Please Join us at Folk Music Notebook’s private showcase at NERFA, where we weave a musical tapestry blending cherished classics with the vibrant energy of fresh talents. This showcase will be both in-person and streamed to the virtual community watching from afar! Folk Music Notebook pays homage to timeless folk traditions through familiar melodies and heartfelt lyrics, while also introducing you to the next generation of folk artists.

On Deck Sound Studio (Room 219):

We are showcasing artists that have recorded at On Deck Sound Studio and friends of the studio. We are open to hosting new friends and artists soon to be friends as well, so please join us.

One Broadway Collaborative Showcase (Room 220):
Featuring numerous performers from the One Broadway Collaboration, this showcase brings together diverse talents for captivating performances.

Covering Your Friends (Room 228):
An interactive showcase where artists cover songs by their close songwriter friends, sharing not only music but also personal stories, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere.

Philly Philly (Room 228):
Showcasing the vibrant singer-songwriter scene from the City of Brotherly Love.

Folk Vibes (Room 229):
An enchanting showcase featuring artists who create immersive musical experiences, connecting with the audience through their unique sound and perspective.

In-the-round sets presenting artists committed to building artist communities locally and beyond, fostering connections and support.

The Folk Project Showcase (Room 232):
A showcase offering artists opportunities to connect and perform. Featuring 3 artists per half-hour in a round format on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, this showcase provides a platform for musicians to be heard and appreciated.

RISA Rhode Trip (Room 423):
Members of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association showcasing their talents, proving that exceptional music knows no borders.

Skylands Songwriters Guild “Flamingo Room” (Room 424):
An exclusive showcase for SSG members, focusing on original music and fostering creativity within the guild.

Pat and Brenda’s Marvelous Showcase (Room425):
Singer-songwriters from the Garden State take the stage in this delightful showcase.

Crossroads of Tradition (Room 426):
Presenting artists who blend old folk music traditions with fresh, innovative ideas, making folk music relevant and exciting for modern audiences.

Live at the Hen House (Room 427):
Highlighting talented women singer-songwriters, this showcase promises soul-stirring performances.

Folk ‘N Great Music (Room 427):
Featuring national singer-songwriters who have graced the stage of the Folk ‘N Great Music house concert series since 2003, this showcase celebrates musical excellence.

Femmepire Records (Room 427):
Gender Justice Showcase for Ladies and Theydies

Canadiana Content (Room 428):
Showcasing Canadian artists and their original music, this room brings together diverse talents from Montreal and Toronto, offering a taste of Canada’s rich folk music heritage.

Anything But Guitars (Room 430):
A celebration of musical variety, this showcase invites artists to showcase their talents on a wide range of instruments, excluding guitars, in 30-minute slots.

Songs At The Heart Of Our Times (Room 430):
A showcase dedicated to songs that address the challenges and hopes of our contemporary world, inviting artists to share their perspectives on the issues that matter most.

NERFA Room (Bang Bang 1):
A space dedicated to showcasing the outstanding talent within the NERFA community, highlighting the conference’s diverse musical offerings.

Musical Chairs (Bang Bang 2):
Hosted by Brad Yoder, this showcase invites solo and duo songwriters to participate in spontaneous collaborations in-the-round, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Healing the Climate (The Bridal Suite 216-217):
A showcase welcoming songs on climate change and social change, encouraging artists to use their music as a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring positive change.

NERFA extends heartfelt thanks to all the hosts, who, through their dedication and passion, have crafted an exceptional lineup of private showcases. These showcases promise to elevate the NERFA conference experience, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community among attendees.

For more information about NERFA and the upcoming conference, please visit https://nerfaconference.org.R 424