Coffee & Wood 2024

Key Information: The series is open to formal showcasing artists from the previous year. All shows have a minimum guarantee of $400 We are only looking for opportunities for Thursday or Sunday concerts. Welcome to the second year of the Coffee and Wood series, a concert initiative sponsored by NERFA, designed specifically to revive and

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NERFA 2024 Election Results

The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) is pleased to announce the election of Joel Elliott, Lisa Kaston, and Cheryl Prashker to its esteemed Board of Directors. With a wealth of experience and passion for folk music, Joel Elliot, Lisa Kaston, and Cheryl Prashker bring valuable insights and expertise to NERFA’s leadership team. Their dedication to

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NERFA Board of Directors 2024 Election

Every year, NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) members nominate and elect board members who represent folk music industry leadership and help shape the future of our organization. The upcoming annual election  closes on February 8, with the candidates posted below, including photos, bios, and platform statements. A secure online election ballot has been distributed by

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NERFA 2024

After an exhaustive search prioritizing affordability and accessibility, we found this location offers beauty, amenities, and one of the most reasonable hotel rates we’ve been able to offer since 2019! Situated in the heart of the city, this hotel offers scenic views of Casco Bay and Portland’s historic Old Port. Recently renovated, its spacious, well-appointed rooms

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Petition Response

NERFA Response to the Online Petition With the approaching NERFA Board of Directors elections, we want to provide the Community with information to aid in your decision making. It is only now that we can respond in detail to the online petition that has been circulating regarding current NERFA leadership. Upon receiving the petition, the

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Upcoming NERFA Elections: Key Dates, Ballot Information, and a Crucial Vote

The North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) is gearing up for its upcoming elections, a significant event for all eligible Folk Alliance International (FAI) voting members associated with NERFA. This election, set to take place from Monday, January 8, through Thursday,  February 8, marks a pivotal moment for the organization. Election Timing and Process: The

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