Community Meeting Group

These are the meetings where we invite the community to an informal discussion of what’s going on, what we are doing, discuss first looks into programming and conference planning, and basically are there to discuss any questions on the community’s mind. Hope to see you soon!

Code of Conduct for Community Meetings 

  1.  Keep your share to 3 minutes or less (So we can include as many speakers as possible and address questions in our planned hour and fifteen minutes). 
  2. Allow one person to speak at a time (Raise your hand to indicate you’re waiting, or you can always put something into the chat box).
  3. Listen actively and speak thoughtfully, engaging in open, honest, and constructive dialogue.
  4. Maintain a safe and welcoming space for all (Critcism and disagreement in a civil conversation is good.)
  5. If you don’t know something for sure – ASK.
  6. Commit to ongoing learning and improvement of the community  
Welcome to NERFA’s vibrant bi-weekly community meetings, where the heart of our organization comes alive in open discussions with our dedicated staff, board members, and the community we cherish. These dynamic gatherings serve as a testament to our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the shared passion for fostering folk and roots music in the Northeast Region.

Hosted on Zoom, these gatherings provide a unique opportunity for our community to connect directly with the individuals driving NERFA’s mission. Picture a virtual space buzzing with energy as assorted staff and board members come together to delve into the intricacies of our organization, the annual conference, and the evolving programming that fuels our collective growth.

At the heart of these meetings is a commitment to inclusivity. Whether you’re a long-time supporter, a first-time attendee, or someone curious about the inner workings of NERFA, everyone is invited to listen, question, and actively participate in shaping the future of folk and roots music in the Northeast.

Ethan Baird ([email protected])
Natalia Zukerman ([email protected])