Be Seen at this Year’s Conference!

The NERFA conference is just around the corner, and if you’re a registered artist planning to attend, there are even more exciting opportunities awaiting you this year! In addition to the fantastic workshops, networking sessions, and performances, we’re thrilled to announce a lineup of special opportunities that will allow you to showcase your talent, connect with industry professionals, and gain valuable exposure. Get ready to take your NERFA experience to the next level with these incredible opportunities:

1. Curator’s Showcase

Date: Saturday Evening

Our Curator’s Showcase is your chance to shine in front of a curated audience of music industry professionals and fellow artists. If you’re selected, you’ll have the opportunity to perform your best work in a spotlight performance that could catapult your career to new heights.

This unique opportunity is a rare chance to gain recognition from influential figures in the music industry. Make sure you apply and prepare to leave a lasting impression on the audience!

2. Cocktail Hour Background Music

Date: Saturday Afternoon

Imagine setting the perfect mood during this year’s cocktail hour with your music! We’re looking for talented artists to provide the soundtrack to our social gathering. Selected artists will perform during this exclusive event, allowing you to captivate an audience in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Whether you’re a solo act, a duo, or part of a band, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and create a memorable atmosphere for attendees.


3. Video Recording with the NERFA Team

Dates: Throughout the conference

Our professional videography team will be on-site, offering you the chance to create high-quality video content. Whether it’s a  a live performance recording, or an artist interview, this is your opportunity to capture your talent on film.

Having professionally recorded videos can be a game-changer for your online presence and promotional materials. Don’t miss out on this chance to add visual appeal to your music.


4. Private Showcasing in the NERFA First Room

Dates: Exclusive slots Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night!

Our NERFA First Room is the perfect place to introduce your music to a select audience of conference attendees. These private showcases provide a more intimate setting for you to connect with music enthusiasts and industry professionals.

With limited slots available, this is your chance to make a lasting impression on a small, attentive audience.


5. Private Showcasing with Our Other Hosts

Dates: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night!

In addition to the NERFA First Room showcases, there are private showcasing opportunities with our other hosts. These events offer yet another chance to reach a specialized audience and build meaningful connections within the industry.


6. “On the Griddle” Podcast Feature

Dates: All of 2024!!

If you’re looking to share your story and insights, consider being featured on NERFA’s “On the Griddle” podcast. Share your journey, discuss your music, and connect with a wider audience through this engaging platform.

Podcasts have become a powerful tool for artists to connect with fans and industry professionals, and this opportunity can help you reach new listeners.

7. NERFA Private Showcasing at the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference

Date: February 21-25, 2024

Looking beyond NERFA, we’re excited to announce that we will be offering private showcasing opportunities at the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference. This prestigious event attracts folk and acoustic music enthusiasts from around the world, giving you the chance to showcase your talent on an international stage.

8. Partnership Showcase at the Folk Music Ontario Conference in 2024

Date: October 2024

In partnership with Folk Music Ontario, we’re thrilled to offer artists the opportunity to participate in a special showcase at the Folk Music Ontario Conference in 2024. This collaborative effort will bring your music to a diverse and engaged audience, further expanding your reach within the folk music community.

Remember, these opportunities are available to all registered artists attending the NERFA conference. The link to apply is sent with your registration confirmation, so be sure to check your email for details on how to take advantage of these incredible chances to further your music career.

Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your talent, network with industry experts, and take your music to the next level at this year’s NERFA conference. We can’t wait to see you there, and we look forward to celebrating your success!