Private Showcase Hosts!

Are you ready to shine the spotlight on your favorite musicians at the NERFA Conference? Private Showcases are your chance to do just that! These showcases happen in individual hotel rooms, which can either be your own room or a separate one that you book exclusively for this purpose. The shows run on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, starting at 10:30 pm and continuing as late as you’d like. The only requirement? You must be a registered conference attendee to host a Private Showcase.

What’s New this Year

This year, we’re thrilled to announce our revised pricing structure. For just $100 per night or $200 for all three nights, you can secure your spot as a Private Showcase host. Many presenters choose the three-night option and share a room with fellow presenters to make it even more cost-effective. 

To sweeten the deal, given the increased hotel room costs this year, we have a special offer for those who book all three nights: following the conference’s conclusion, we’ll issue you a $75 refund!

How to Become a Private Showcase Host

  1. Register for the conference today: Register Now
  2. Fill out the Private Showcase form: Submit Here
  3. Make your hotel reservation: Book Now

Remember, you can use your own sleeping room for a Private Showcase, but it does mean you’ll be sleeping in the same space where the showcases happen. While you can’t reserve a specific room for your showcase, you can specify the room size you prefer, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to share your musical passion and be part of NERFA 2023’s vibrant community. We can’t wait to see you there!